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What’s New in GIMP 2 .99.18 – Non-Destructive Editing is Here.

Non-destructive editing is here! GIMP 2.99.18 introduces non-destructive editing, smart guides (known as “dynamic guides”) and other smart snapping features, a new “Welcome Dialogue,” and more! This is an important development release version because it is likely the LAST release prior to GIMP 3.0 release candidates and the final stable GIMP 3.0 release.

Non-destructive editing means you can now make photo adjustments or add layer effects to a layer or image without directly applying the effect to that layer’s pixels. You can then go back at any time and edit the effects, thus making your workflow much more flexible.

0:00 – Intro & Resources
0:46 – Where to Download Development Releases
1:07 – New Welcome Dialogue
1:58 – New Personalize Tab for Customizing UI
7:36 – New Create Tab for Creating New Image
9:55 – Introducing Non-Destructive Editing in GIMP
14:59 – New Dynamic Guides (Smart Guides)
18:12 – New Auto-Expanding Layers Feature
20:37 – Improved Color Handling with Space Invasion
21:36 – Additional New Features
22:53 – Final Thoughts

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