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How to Create a Powder Blast Text Effect in GIMP

In this GIMP tutorial from our YouTube channel, which is made for beginners and GIMP users of all levels, I show you how to create a “Powder Blast” text effect to make it appear as though your text has been dropped on a pile of colorful, explosive powder! You’ll use a free powder blast photo from Behance and manipulate your text using some custom brushes to achieve this simple, yet eye-catching effect.

I use GIMP 2.9.8 in this video, which is the latest version of GIMP and contains nearly all the new features to be found in the new GIMP 2.10 release, though this version is considered the “development version.”


Download the brushes and photo I am using in this tutorial via this link (this link takes you to another site).

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Artwork by Alberto Seveso – check out his work here (this link takes you to another site):


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