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GIMP Tutorial – Picture in Text with 3D Pop Out Effect

In this tutorial from our GIMP YouTube Channel, I show you how to create awesome picture in text art with an added pop out effect to give your text a 3D look. This is great when you have objects in your photo, like the golden dome of the Denver capitol building used here, that can pop-out and look like they are rising from your text.

This tutorial is a great beginners GIMP tutorial, but is useful for GIMP users of all skill levels. I show you how to use the text tool, blend tool, levels, brightness/contrast, and the selection features.


Download the photo for free on Flickr (photo credit: Ken Lund):

Download the Advent Pro Bold Free Font:

Download the “Development Version” of GIMP (2.9.8):

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GIMP Tutorial – Picture in Text with 3D Pop Out Effect (Text Version)

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