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GIMP Tutorial: Fix Blemishes and Improve Skin Complexion (2018)

In this GIMP tutorial, I’ll show you how to fix blemishes (i.e. remove acne) as well as make your subject’s complexion look more even (and improved overall) using GIMP version 2.9.8 (a.k.a. the Development Version of GIMP – which you can download via the link below). This blemish removal tutorial uses the heal tool to remove acne, as well as a combination of the airbrush tool and layer masks for the complexion.

I’ll demonstrate using some layer modes and a high-pass filter to soften the skin. The final result is truly great – plus doesn’t look artificial – and takes just a few minutes. This tutorial is for all skill levels, and is beginner friendly.


I do not have a free image download for this tutorial as I used a premium image on Adobe Stock (I couldn’t find any freebies that had acne). Feel free to download the image here:

Download the “Release Candidate” version of GIMP (2.10.0-RC1):

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