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How to Create a Logo in GIMP (2018) – Video Tutorial

In this video tutorial found on our GIMP YouTube Channel, I show you how to design a logo using the latest version of GIMP – GIMP 2.9.8 – which contains many of the new features that will be found in the next release of GIMP (2.10)! This tutorial is great for beginners wanting to learn graphic design, and for small business owners who want to design their own logo without paying for Photoshop.

Project Files

You won’t need to download any photos for this tutorial, but you can download the free fonts I use (Nexa Bold and Nexa Light) by clicking this link.

Other Useful Links

Download the “Development Version” of GIMP (GIMP 2.9.8) directly from the GIMP website via this link.

You can also read a text version of this logo design GIMP tutorial on our website if you prefer.

Thanks for watching, and don’t forget to visit our tutorials page for more video and text tutorials!

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