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GIMP Graphic Design & Photo Editing Tutorials

In 2011, we created Davies Media Design on YouTube to provide a free way for beginner graphic designers, photographers and business owners to learn GIMP, the free image manipulation software. Today, the channel is a huge success with nearly 3 MILLION views from all over the world and over 33,000 subscribers.

In our tutorials, you’ll learn how to edit and manipulate photos without needing to purchase Photoshop, how to make professional flyers and greeting cards for your business or personal projects, and how to design graphics for web and print projects. We also teach you how to use the tools found in GIMP, as well as other important and useful features. Watch one of our acclaimed tutorials below!

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What Do You Want to Learn in GIMP?

GIMP Basics: Getting Started

Are you brand new to the GIMP program, or consider yourself a complete beginner? Start here to get acquainted with GIMP and its important concepts.

GIMP Photo Editing

Are you a photographer looking for a great, free way to edit your photos, or want to improve your photo editing skills in general? Start with these tutorials.

GIMP Photo Manipulation

You’ve got the basics down, and have your own photo editing style, but now you’d like to take things up a notch and manipulate photos to create amazing compositions.

GIMP Graphic Design

Do you primarily use GIMP to create graphic design compositions? Or are you curious about what GIMP is capable of? Check out these GIMP graphic design tutorials.

Read Our GIMP How-to Articles & Lists

How to Install Custom Palettes in GIMP

GIMP allows you to create your own custom palettes from a variety of sources - whether that's purely through experimenting with the eye-dropper tool and the "Change...
GIMP 2.10 Vignette Filter How to Article Tutorial

GIMP 2.10 Feature Spotlight: Vignette Filter

In GIMP 2.10 and newer, you can now use a built-in Vignette filter to easily and effectively create vignettes. Vignettes are a great way to frame your photos using black, white,...
Top 10 GIMP Tutorials of 2019 Video List

Top 10 GIMP Tutorials of 2019 (So Far)

2019 has already been a great year for learning GIMP with tons of new content being released every week. With 1/3 of the year already gone (how time flies!), I figured now would...
Save and Export Images Out of GIMP 2.10

GIMP Basics: Save and Export Images Out of GIMP

As you work in GIMP, you’ll be saving your image to ensure that in the event your program or computer accidentally shuts down your progress is saved. Saving your file while you...
How to Create a Clipping Mask in GIMP 2019

How to Create a Clipping Mask in GIMP

Clipping masks are a lot simpler than you might think by definition - they are essentially when you apply a layer mask to a group of layers. That's it. This feature was not...
20 GIMP Graphic Design Tutorials on YouTube Video List

Top 20 GIMP Graphic Design Tutorials on YouTube

GIMP is certainly first and foremost a photo editor. However, it also can do some really great graphic design things that can look surprisingly professional - even compared to...
How to Add a Border to Your Photos in GIMP 2.10

How to Add a Border to Images in GIMP (2019)

A lot of photographers and artists like to add borders to their images when printing their works, and this can certainly add a nice to frame around a photo when done properly....
Viewers Choice Best GIMP Tutorials of 2018

Viewer’s Choice Best GIMP Tutorials of 2018

Throughout 2018, I asked my viewers and subscribers to vote on their favorite GIMP tutorials each month via a poll on the Community page of my channel. I have decided to compile...
GIMP Shadows Highlights New 2.10 Feature

GIMP 2.10 Shadows-Highlights Feature (Text Version)

The Shadows-Highlights tool is another useful photo editing feature making its debut in GIMP 2.10. With this tool, you can recover details in the shadows of your image while...
Top 10 GIMP Tutorials of 2018 Q1

Top 10 GIMP Tutorials on YouTube of 2018

2018 is officially in the rear-view mirror, and we spent the year putting out a TON of new GIMP tutorials to help you learn this great piece of free photo editing and graphic...

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