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GIMP Photo Editing + Graphic Design Tutorials

In our tutorials, you’ll learn how to edit and manipulate photos without the need to purchase photo editing software (like Photoshop), how to make professional flyers and greeting cards for your business or personal projects, and how to design graphics for web and print projects. We also teach you how to use the tools found in GIMP, as well as other important and useful features. Watch one of our acclaimed tutorials below! No Adobe subscription required.

We created Davies Media Design on YouTube to provide a free way for beginner photographers, graphic designers, and business owners to learn GIMP, the free image manipulation software. Today, the channel is a huge success (thanks to you guys!) with 10 million views from all over the world and 100,000+ subscribers.

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What Do You Want to Learn in GIMP?

GIMP Basics: Getting Started

Are you brand new to the GIMP program, or consider yourself a complete beginner? Start here to get acquainted with GIMP and its important concepts.

GIMP Photo Editing

Are you a photographer looking for a great, free way to edit your photos, or want to improve your photo editing skills in general? Start with these tutorials.

GIMP Photo Manipulation

You’ve got the basics down, and have your own photo editing style, but now you’d like to take things up a notch and manipulate photos to create amazing compositions.

GIMP Graphic Design

Do you primarily use GIMP to create graphic design compositions? Or are you curious about what GIMP is capable of? Check out these GIMP graphic design tutorials.

Read Our GIMP Help Articles & Lists

22 Best GIMP Tutorials from 2022 by Davies Media Design

22 Best GIMP Tutorials of 2022

Fall is officially upon us, which means now is a great time to take a look at the BEST GIMP tutorials from the year thus far! In this list, I'll be showcasing the GIMP tutorials...
GIMP Transparent Gradient Tutorial for Beginners by Davies Media Design

How to Create a Transparent Gradient in GIMP

In this help article I'll be showing you how to create a transparent gradient using GIMP. This is a very easy, beginner-friendly technique that allows you to have your image...
Where to Download CMYK Color Profiles for GIMP

Where to Download CMYK Color Profiles for GIMP

GIMP support soft proofing CMYK colors while editing your images, meaning you can see what your images would look like printed on paper or another printing medium. Since GIMP...
GIMP Handle Transform Tool In-Depth Help Article

GIMP’s Handle Transform Tool In-Depth

The Handle Transform tool in GIMP is a unique tool that allows you to place between 1 and 4 handles on your image, then use those handles to transform your layer, image, path, or...
How to Create Vertical Text in GIMP Help Article by Davies Media Design

How to Create Vertical Text in GIMP | Help Article

In this GIMP help article, I'll show you how to create vertical text using the text tool. This is super easy to do and is very beginner friendly. Let's dive in! You can watch the...
How to Resize Images for WordPress Using GIMP Help Article

How to Resize Images for WordPress in GIMP (and Why It’s Important)

Are you looking to upload images to your WordPress site, but aren’t sure what sizes or filetypes the images should be? Are you unfamiliar with the process of resizing and...
How to Stroke Shapes in GIMP Help Article by Davies Media Design

Add Strokes to Shapes in GIMP

In this help article I'll be showing you how to add a stroke to your shapes using a simple, beginner-friendly method. You can watch the video version of this tutorial below, or...
9 Best GIMP Plugins for 2022 Tutorial Article

9 Best GIMP Plugins + Addons for 2022

In this article, I’ll be showing you my 9 favorite GIMP Plugins and Addons for 2022. You can watch the video version below, or scroll past it for the full article....
How to Install Plugins in GIMP Help Article Tutorial

How to Install Plugins in GIMP for Windows

In this help article, I’ll be showing you how to install plugins in GIMP. Keep in mind that usually only plugins designed specifically for GIMP are going to work in GIMP. In...
Create 3D Text in GIMP for Beginners Tutorial

How to Create 3D Text in GIMP

In this help article I'll be showing you a quick and easy beginner-friendly method for creating awesome 3D text using GIMP. GIMP is a free photo editing and graphic design...
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