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In 2011, we created Davies Media Design on YouTube to provide a free way for beginner graphic designers, photographers and business owners to learn GIMP, the free image manipulation software. Today, the channel is a huge success (thanks to you guys!) with 9 million views from all over the world and 95,000+ subscribers.

In our tutorials, you’ll learn how to edit and manipulate photos without needing to purchase Photoshop, how to make professional flyers and greeting cards for your business or personal projects, and how to design graphics for web and print projects. We also teach you how to use the tools found in GIMP, as well as other important and useful features. Watch one of our acclaimed tutorials below!

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What Do You Want to Learn in GIMP?

GIMP Basics: Getting Started

Are you brand new to the GIMP program, or consider yourself a complete beginner? Start here to get acquainted with GIMP and its important concepts.

GIMP Photo Editing

Are you a photographer looking for a great, free way to edit your photos, or want to improve your photo editing skills in general? Start with these tutorials.

GIMP Photo Manipulation

You’ve got the basics down, and have your own photo editing style, but now you’d like to take things up a notch and manipulate photos to create amazing compositions.

GIMP Graphic Design

Do you primarily use GIMP to create graphic design compositions? Or are you curious about what GIMP is capable of? Check out these GIMP graphic design tutorials.



Want to learn beyond our free tutorials? Get access to premium tutorials, course and class lectures, and downloadable resources like the GIMP Help Center app, GIMP Book of Layers, and social media templates.

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GIMP vs Affinity Photo Photo Editor Comparison Article

GIMP vs Affinity Photo: Comparing Two Popular Photo Editors and Adobe Alternatives

Over the past several months I’ve received many requests to make a comparison between GIMP and Affinity Photo – especially after I released my GIMP vs Photoshop: Complete...
Richard Stallman Reinstated to Free Software Foundation Board

Free Software Pioneer and Controversial Figure Richard Stallman Reinstated to FSF Board

According to an article from The Verge, Richard Stallman "is rejoining the board of the Free Software Foundation." Stallman is unarguably one of the most, if not THE most,...
21 GIMP Graphic Design Tutorials to Master for 2021

21 GIMP Graphic Design Tutorials to Master for 2021

GIMP may be a free photo editor, but it has amazing capabilities when it comes to graphic design. With its myriad shape and free-hand selection tools, paths tool, text tool, and...
The Great GIMP Drought of 2021 Featured

GIMP in Longest Drought Between Release Versions Since GIMP 2.10’s Initial Release

It's been over 160 days since GIMP last put out a new release version (GIMP 2.10.22 was released on October 7th, 2020). That's longer than any period between stable release...
Top 20 GIMP Tutorials of 2020

20 Best GIMP Tutorials of 2020

2020 was an insanely crazy year to say the least. However, despite the chaos, Davies Media Design has still managed to put out quite a few GIMP tutorials on the subjects of photo...
How to Draw Rectangles in GIMP Help Article

How to Draw a Rectangle in GIMP

Looking to learn how to draw a rectangle in GIMP? It's super easy and beginner friendly! In this GIMP Help Article, I'll show you how to draw rectangles in GIMP using built-in...
GIMP vs Photoshop Complete Comparison Help Article

GIMP vs. Photoshop: a Complete Comparison (Article Version)

In this article I'll be providing an in-depth comparison between GIMP, which is a free photo editing software, and Photoshop. If you prefer, you can watch the video version of...
How to Create Dot Patterns in GIMP Help Article

How to Create Dot Patterns in GIMP (Help Article)

In this GIMP Help Article, I'll be showing you how to easily create your own custom dot patterns! You can create patterns of any size for any composition, and this technique...
Quickly Recolor Photos with This GIMP Tool Tutorial

Quickly Change Colors in a Photo with This GIMP Tool (Help Article)

There are many ways to recolor a photo in GIMP - with some being more tedious, though more accurate, than others. In this tutorial, I show you what I think is one of the simplest...
Viewer's Choice Best GIMP Tutorials of 2020

Viewer’s Choice Best GIMP Tutorials of 2020

2020 is in the books! And although it was a mostly terrible year, I still thoroughly enjoyed creating many GIMP (and Inkscape) tutorials to highlight some of this free software's...

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