GIMP Layers Series

Below is a collection of 9 video lectures I put together to help you get a firm grasp on everything you need to know about layers in GIMP. It is based on my E-book, the GIMP Book of Layers, and is designed to walk you through each important concept that pertains to layers for GIMP. They are created for beginners, though they are each very thorough and in-depth. The series is only available to Premium Members (not available on YouTube). Enjoy!

1. Layer Stacking order

The first video in my GIMP Layers Series covers the Layer Stacking Order. In this lecture, you’ll learn about how the Layers Panel works in GIMP – including how layers are arranged, or stacked, in the layers panel and how that effects how layers are displays.

2. Create New Layers from Images

Next up in the GIMP Layers Series, I show you how to create new layers in your GIMP compositions using images on your computer. This is a great basic concept for beginners starting out in GIMP and looking to learn how the program works with image files.

3. Layer Transparency Explained

The third video in this series provides an in-depth explanation for Layer Transparency, including how to add transparency to images and how to work with transparency in your projects. This is the first stepping stone towards understanding more complex aspects of GIMP.

4. Layer Masks Introduction

Now that you have a grip on the basics of layers in GIMP, it’s time to start getting into more advanced topics. The Layer Mask is certainly one of the most quintessential features to any photo editing and manipulation program – and GIMP is no exception. This video discusses how layer masks work and how they can be used to create targeted areas of transparency for effects.

5. GIMP Layer Masks: Layer Mask Effects

Now that you understand layer masks, it’s time to build on that concept by delving into Layer Mask Effects. This video does exactly that, showing you effects that can be added to layer masks. 

6. Drawing Gradients on Layer masks

The next tutorial in this series is an extension of the previous lecture on layer mask effects – Adding Gradients to Layer Masks. In the video, you’ll learn that powerful technique of combining the gradient tool with the layer mask to take your compositions to the next level.

7. Layer Context Menu for Layer Masks

Continuing to build on the intricate concept of Layer Masks within GIMP, this lecture covers what’s inside the Context Menu when working with layer masks, as well as what those menu items do. This is a great video to further help you master the all-important Layer Masks feature.

8. Layer Mask Types

The final missing piece of the puzzle for Layer Masks is this lecture on Layer Mask Types. When creating a layer mask in GIMP, you’ll be prompted with a menu that asks you to choose from one of several layer mask types for your layer. Though this seems daunting at first, understanding what each of these layer mask types can do can be a very powerful thing.

9. Layer Groups

The final lecture in this GIMP Layers Series covers the very important concept of Layer Groups. Layer groups help you to organize your GIMP workspace, especially when working with many layers, as well as create compounded effects (especially with layer masks). If you are wanting to create more professional photo manipulation projects in GIMP, or just want to stay organized, you’ll definitely find this topic very useful.

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