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GIMP Help center

Version 1.2.3
Member Download

As a premium member, you can download the GIMP Help Center for free! To download this App:

1. Click the “Download the App” button below. The download will only work if you are logged in as an active Premium Member.
2. Once the file has downloaded to your computer, unzip the file by right-clicking on the file and going to “Extract All.”
3. After extracting all of the files from the download to your location of choice on your computer, double click on the set-up file to install the app on your desktop.
4. Enjoy!

Features of the App:

The GIMP Help Center allows you to easily open commonly used templates within GIMP, as well as access all of our video tutorials (either via YouTube or our website) within one convenient place. Rather than having to open GIMP, then open your web browser, then type in our web address, then open a new tab and enter YouTube’s web address, then search for tutorials on YouTube or our website, you can now access everything with a single click within our app.

Help Us Make the App Better

We are looking for feedback on missing features, broken features, bugs, or anything else that you think would improve the app. Use the contact form on our site or email us at to provide feedback on your experience with the app.

*Important: All rights reserved. The GIMP Help Center is a licensed app for Windows, MAC, and Linux and is copyrighted by Michael Davies and Davies Media Design and is not to be shared, modified, resold, or redistributed in any way. Any unauthorized actions taken with this app may result in a cancellation of your premium membership (without a refund) and legal action.

By downloading this app, you acknowledge that the app is intellectual property of Davies Media Design and agree not to violate the copyright laws by which it is bound.

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