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GIMP Book of Layers

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As a premium member, you can download the GIMP Book of Layers for free! To download this E-book:

1. Copy the members-only password below (you will want to store it somewhere safe or commit it to memory as you’ll need it each time you open the E-book)
2. Click the “Download the E-book” button and choose a location to save the document to your computer
3. Upon opening the E-book, you will be asked to enter a password. Paste or manually type in the password provided below.
4. Enjoy!

Use the following members-only password to access this E-book after you have downloaded and opened it (case-sensitive):


*Important: All rights reserved. The GIMP Book of Layers is copyrighted by Michael Davies and Davies Media Design and is not to be shared, modified, resold, or redistributed in any way. Such actions are a violation of US copyright laws and subject to appropriate penalty under the law of the United States of America. This E-book is meant only for personal use by the premium member granted access to this download page. Any unauthorized actions taken with this book may result in a cancellation in your premium membership (without a refund) and legal action.

By downloading this E-book, you acknowledge that this document is intellectual property of Davies Media Design and agree not to violate the copyright laws by which it is bound.

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