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Want to take your GIMP knowledge to the next level? Or are you simply tired of commercials and self-promotion? Enroll in one of my premium GIMP courses, from a 25 hour GIMP 2.10 Masterclass (with lifetime access), to any of my more digestable Skillshare classes. We also have classes offered directly on our website. All courses are in English.

GIMP 2.10 Masterclass

Go from a beginner to a pro photo retoucher and graphic designer with our 25 hour GIMP 2.10 Masterclass on Udemy! This course is our largest GIMP course with over 200 lectures, and is the largest GIMP course on the platform.

211 Lectures | 4.5 Star Rating | 1,700+ Students

Create Social Media & Web Designs with GIMP

This class shows you how to create professional and creative banners for popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and WordPress. It includes templates for all the platforms covered in the class.

17 Lessons | 1 h 26 min

Get Started with GIMP 2.10: Comprehensive Overview

This Skillshare course is a commercial-free version of our 2-hours GIMP Basics tutorial. You’ll learn the GIMP layout, tools, and other important features in GIMP to get you started with this amazing free photo editor.

15 Lessons | 1 h 44 m

Fundamentals of Photo Editing

This class covers the fundamentals of photo editing to help you learn your way around photo editing tools and features in GIMP. From opening an image to using the color adjustment tools, I’ll demonstrate editing photos from start to finish.

14 Lessons | 1 h 37 m

Creating a Photo Collage in GIMP

This exclusive class shows you how to import multiple photos into GIMP and combine them into a single composition to create a photo collage. Learn how to use layers and layer masks, as well as the transform tools and exporting features.

7 Lessons | 31 min

GIMP 2.10 Layers and Layer Modes

This commercial-free version of my GIMP 38 Layer Modes tutorial covers all of the layer modes found in GIMP. Also known as blend modes, layer modes can help you add awesome effects to your photos and designs.

10 Lessons | 1 hr 10 m

Free tutorials

We have plenty of free GIMP tutorials for all skills levels. From a 2-hour GIMP Basics tutorial, to how to create pixel art, to how to recolor your photos, we truly offer a wide range of GIMP tutorials for all skill levels.

Premium Courses

Want to take your GIMP learning to the next level? Davies Media Design offers several GIMP courses and classes, ranging from a 25 hour GIMP Masterclass on Udemy to shorter classes on Skillshare.

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