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We created Davies Media Design on YouTube to provide a free way for beginner graphic designers, photographers and business owners to learn free and open source software. Today, the channel has grown to over 100,000 subscribers learning programs like Inkscape to help with their personal and professional projects.

In our Inkscape tutorials and help articles, you’ll learn the basics of how to use this scalable vector graphics program, plus learn how to create amazing graphic design compositions. Whether you’re an artist or an entrepreneur, you’ll love learning this free software from our tutorials.

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Inkscape Shape Builder Coming to Inkscape 1.3

Inkscape Shape Builder Tool Coming Soon to Inkscape 1.3

The Shape Builder Tool is officially coming to Inkscape, and very soon! Major Inkscape Contributor Martin Owens has been making inroads with getting a workable version ready for...
How to Add a Gradient to Text in Inkscape

How to Fill Text with a Gradient in Inkscape

In this tutorial, I'll show you how to fill your text with a gradient using Inkscape, the free vector graphics editor! This is a very simple technique that only requires a couple...
Inkscape 1.2 New UI Features Highlights from Davies Media Design

New Inkscape 1.2 Shocks the Internet with Beautiful UI Updates

As a content creator on YouTube focusing primarily on desktop creative software, I've seen tons of user interfaces over the years. There are certainly plenty of creators,...
How to Download and Install Inkscape for Windows Help Article

How to Download & Install Inkscape for Windows

In this help article I'll be showing you how to download and install Inkscape - the free vector graphics software - for Windows. You can watch the video version below, or skip...
How to Generate QR Codes with Inkscape Help Article

How to Generate QR Codes in Inkscape

In this article I'll be showing you the simple method for generating QR codes using Inkscape - the free vector graphics editor. QR codes are rapidly increasing in popularity,...


In a recent video originally posted to Martin Owens's Patreon page, Mrs. Owens (a.k.a. Kama Lord) steps in for a napping and probably overworked Martin Owens (it's his own fault...
Inkscape 1.1 About Screen Contest Article Featured

Inkscape Designers Stun with Incredible Artwork in Inkscape 1.1 About Screen Contest

Inkscape, the free scalable vector graphics alternative to premium software like Adobe Illustrator, has held numerous "About Screen" contests over the years as a way to get the...
10 Logo Color Combinations for Graphic Design Article

10 Logo Color Combinations for Your Design Projects

 Looking for great color combinations to use in your graphic design or logo projects? You're in luck! I've put together 10 awesome color schemes below - which each include the...
How to Rotate Objects in Inkscape Tutorial

How to Rotate Objects in Inkscape

Inkscape definitely takes some getting used to when you're first starting out with the program. One of the first tasks you may be looking to learn is how to rotate an object in...
How to Set Up Inkscape Dark Theme Inkscape 1.0 Tutorial

Inkscape 1.0 Dark Theme Set Up

The new Inkscape 1.0 is here! And there are tons of great new features, including the ability to easily customize your user interface to your liking. These UI customizations...

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