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In 2011, we created Davies Media Design on YouTube to provide a free way for beginner graphic designers, photographers and business owners to learn free and open source software. Today, the channel has grown to over 38,000 subscribers learning programs like GIMP and Inkscape to help with their personal and professional projects.

In our Inkscape tutorials and help articles, you’ll learn the basics of how to use this scalable vector graphics program, plus learn how to create amazing graphic design compositions. Whether you’re an artist or an entrepreneur, you’ll love learning this free software from our tutorials.

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Inkscape vs Illustrator 3 Popular Features Compared Article

Inkscape vs. Illustrator: 3 Important Features Compared

Inkscape and Adobe Illustrator are two scalable vector graphics programs that rely on mathematical formulas to draw precise and infinitely scalable vector art and designs....

Export SVG to PNG in Inkscape

Inkscape uses the filetype .SVG by default, which stands for Scalable Vector Graphics. This filetype retains editable objects and layers that you create in your compositions,...
How to Create Center Guides in Inkscape Tutorial

How to Create Center Guides in Inkscape

In this Inkscape Help Article, I'll show you how to easily create center guides in Inkscape to help you easily align objects to the center of your composition. This is a feature...
How to Import Palettes Into Inkscape

How to Import Palettes Into Inkscape

Importing palettes into Inkscape is super easy. This is mostly thanks to the fact that Inkscape supports GPL, or GIMP Palette, files. So, if you've ever created a palette in...
How to Make Inkscape's Canvas Look Like Adobe Illustrator's Artboard

How to Make Your Inkscape Canvas Look Like Adobe Illustrator’s Artboard

As a longtime Adobe Illustrator user, the toughest part of transitioning to Inkscape was opening the program and seeing an all-white canvas staring back at me. Perhaps this is...
GIMP vs. Inkscape Comparison 2019

Inkscape vs. GIMP – Which One Should You Use?

Inkscape vs. GIMP - which one should you use? Both are great Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) options that can replace expensive premium or subscription programs. However,...

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