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Want to write a GIMP-related blog on our website? Good news – we are now accepting submissions for guest blogs to post on our site. Before you register, there are some things you need to know about guest-blogging for us.

What We’re Looking For

We’re looking for people with solid writing skills, primarily in *good* English (though we will accept GIMP articles written in other languages), to create GIMP Help and News articles to help our readership learn GIMP or learn how other people are using GIMP.

  • Blogs should be written on the topics of graphic design, photo editing (photography principles can be included), business, how to use GIMP, or should feature a person/business using GIMP in an extraordinary way. 
  • All articles should be original (meaning written by YOU, not written by someone else and copied/plagiarized by you onto our site – these articles will be denied or deleted) and contain unique ideas that have not already been discussed in any of our GIMP Help articles or GIMP Video Tutorials.
  • This being said, we welcome expansions upon topics we may have already covered in the past, or a new angle on a previously covered topic.
  • Artists are welcome to share their recent work, and write up an article on what their creative process was or how they created their work.
  • If we feel the topic has already been covered or will not interest our readers, your article will likely not receive approval. 
  • We expect you to be knowledgeable on the subject of GIMP as well as the topic you are writing about- though you don’t need to be a total expert.
  • We also expect that you will be using the latest version of GIMP at the time of your article (using outdated versions of GIMP may confuse the people reading your article). 
  • You can write an article in tutorial form (i.e. step by step instructions on how to do something in GIMP with easy-to-understand screenshots. Screenshots must be taken by you and must be original – they cannot be from another source. Stock photography will also not be permitted – we will provided any stock photography or graphics we feel are necessary for your article or article featured image), or can simply write an article that discusses GIMP news or features a GIMP artist/developer/photographer.
  • We prefer blogs of 1,000 words or more – though concise, informative, and well-written blogs under this word count will still be considered.
  • We encourage linking to other GIMP Help articles on our site if you reference a topic we have already discussed, as well as to our GIMP Video Tutorials.


Who Reads Our Blogs/Watches Our Tutorials?

When writing and submitting your article, you will need to keep in mind the target audience of Davies Media Design. Our site visitors include people from around the world looking to learn the GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP) for their graphic design or photo editing projects, or are simply looking for a good GIMP-related story. Additionally, they are looking to learn how to better use the program (i.e. what certain tools are, what features are contained in GIMP, etc.). Our audience ranges from professionals who use GIMP in their work, to hobbyist who simply enjoy using GIMP to edit personal photos or create personal projects. 


What Will You Get Out of This?

  • Your name will be posted as the author (it will be displayed as it was typed in when you registered for an account) of the blog if and when the blog is published.
  • You will be able to link to the blog as sample work to help you get additional copy writing or blogging work (i.e. for freelancing or to get a copy writing job).
  • Additionally, you may be able to link to your website (if we approve your link), which will help increase the number of backlinks to your site and improve your SEO.
  • We may also share a link to the blog article on our social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) which will provide you or your company (if you are representing a company) with additional exposure. 


How Long Will It Take for Your Article to Be Approved and Posted?

There is no set time for your article to be approved and posted – though we intend on approving articles in a timely manner. You will receive an email notification if and when your article is approved and live on the website. Additionally, there is no guarantee that your article will be approved.

Your article will be reviewed by a Davies Media Design team member for grammatical errors, technical errors, errors displayed in your photos, or any misuse of language or imagery in any way. We reserve the right to make edits to your article prior to posting it. If we decide to post the article after making edits, it will still be posted with you as the author. By uploading images with your article, you give Davies Media Design the right to display those images in your article and anywhere on our website.


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