Fundamentals of Photo Editing in GIMP

A Beginner’s Guide to Editing Photos from Start to Finish Using the Free Photo Editor GIMP (Gnu Image Manipulation Program)

14 Lectures | 1 hr 37 min of Video Content

Learn all of the important tools you need to know to professionally edit a photo – from start to finish – using the amazingly powerful and FREE photo editor GIMP. Using this Photoshop alternative (GIMP 2.10), I’ll walk you through each step in the photo editing process while thoroughly explaining each tool, filter, and/or technique to help you understand exactly why certain tools or settings are used from both an artistic and technical perspective.

By the time you are done with this class, you’ll know all of the fundamentals necessary for editing your own photos using the proper techniques. You will feel totally familiar with the most important and commonly used photo editing tools in GIMP 2.10.



This class covers:

  • What is GIMP, and Why Use it to Edit Photos?
  • Opening an Image into GIMP
  • An Introduction to the Image Window
  • Scaling and Cropping Your Image
  • Adjusting the Shadows and Highlights
  • Getting Your Colors Right with the Color Balance Tool
  • Adjusting the Levels of Your Image (Plus Additional Color Correcting)
  • Bringing Out Color Intensity with the Saturation Tool
  • Warm vs. Cool: Adjusting the Color Temperature
  • Adding Contrast with the Curves Tool
  • Touching Up Photos with the Airbrush and Heal Tools
  • Sharpening Your Images (Unsharp Mask vs. High-Pass Filter)
  • Framing Your Photo Properly with a Vignette, and
  • Exporting Your Images in a Variety of Formats

It’s time to stop paying for great photo editing software, and to finally have confidence in your ability to edit your photos! Beginners and all skill levels welcome.