Create Social Media & WordPress Designs with GIMP

A Beginner’s Guide to Creating Design Assets for Your Business

6 Lectures | 1 hr 26 min of Video Content

Does your business or side project have social media accounts? How about a website? Do you have branded designs for these sites? In this course, I show you how to create your own social media templates for popular sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, as well as how to create branded designs using a custom color palette and a logo. Plus, I show you how to design a WordPress Featured Image to display on each of your web pages – including how to export the final design for the web to improve your page load speed and SEO.

This course walks you through each step through the planning and design process. It’s easy enough for beginners to follow, so even if you’re new to GIMP you’ll still be able to follow each lecture and come up with your own branded and professional assets. I also show you how to create a color palette to use throughout all your designs, as well as how to design a simple yet professional text logo. Learn the best tools and techniques to create your own designs in GIMP, as well as how to import photos.



This class covers:

  • How to Create a Custom Color Palette
  • How to Design a Simple Text Logo
  • How to Design a Facebook Cover Photo
  • How to Design a Twitter Banner
  • How to Design a LinkedIn Business Page Banner
  • How to Design a WordPress Featured Image

Create templates and designs with confidence in GIMP! Learn the best methods for graphic design in GIMP, as well as the best dimensions and filetypes for creating designs for social media and websites.