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Why Partner Your Brand with DMD?

Davies Media Design is a major YouTube influencer in the Open Source Learning space, teaching GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program), Inkscape, and Darktable to over 100,000 subscribers. Viewers find our videos informative, engaging, and trustworthy because we put a lot of time, research, and 10+ years of expertise into the creation of each one of our videos. Our goal at Davies Media Design is to help our audience master Open Source photo editing and graphic design software, empowering them to create without needing to pay software subscription fees. In other words, we believe the limits of creativity lie within one’s mind, not within one’s bank account. 

Our lifetime audience satisfaction rating (Likes:Dislikes Ratio) is over 95%. Our subscribers and viewers love our videos!

In short, all of this means your brand can reach our amazing audience with products or services that will help them harness or take back ownership of their creativity. Our continued growth shows that viewers enjoy coming back to watch our videos, and that more and more viewers see our content each day.

2020 YouTube Growth

Compared to 2019


Average Monthly Views


Total Subscribers


Total Views

Who’s Watching?




United States


Age 25-34

Who’s Our Audience?

Our audience consists of photographers, graphic designers, and web designers who like saving money by using free software over premium alternatives. They are hobbyists, entrepreneurs, professionals, and, most of all, creatives.


82.1% of our viewers are men, and 27.9% of our audience (men and women) is between the ages of 25-34. Our second largest age group is 18-24 coming in at 23.7%. So, if you’re looking to appeal to Millennials, you’re in the right place!

More of our views come from the United States than any other country, with 26.7% of views occurring in the United States. India comes in second with 9.2%. In summary, our tutorials are most popular with English-speaking countries, though we do have a large international audience (which is growing more diverse each year) – and not everyone considers English as their first language.

What Other Marketing Channels Does DMD Have?

Though YouTube is indisputably our bread-and-butter, we also have a presence outside of our main channel on our website, Facebook, Twitter, and in our newsletter. In 2020, saw over 1,000,000 unique site visitors view over 1,600,000 pages. Our newsletter has 10,000+ email subscribers, the Davies Media Design Facebook page currently has over 1,600 followers, and our twitter and Instagram accounts each have over 900 followers.

As a DMD Partner, your brand would also be able to take advantage of these channels in addition to being featured on our YouTube channel.

DMD Audience Outside of YouTube

Website Visitors (2020)

Email Newsletter Subscribers

Facebook Followers

Twitter Followers

How Much Does a Partnernship/Sponsorship Cost?

Our pricing varies depending on what form of partnership or sponsorship you are looking for (from the list above), how long you’d like to run your promotion, and other factors that may change on a case by case basis. The base price for advertising starts at $125 USD for a video sponsorship (i.e. “This video is sponsored by…” 30 second spot) and link to your website in the description of the video tutorial. Contact our team below with details on what you are looking for in your brand partnership with us for more details on pricing!

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