Fall is officially upon us, which means now is a great time to take a look at the BEST GIMP tutorials from the year thus far! In this list, I’ll be showcasing the GIMP tutorials that viewers from the Davies Media Design YouTube channel loved the most from 2022.

Whether you’re into photo editing or graphic design, GIMP is an awesome free program to help you get your work done or create some amazing art. Let’s get into it!

Table of Contents

22. GIMP’s Live Vignette Filter Is Incredible | In-Depth Look

The first tutorial on this list takes an in-depth look at GIMP’s new and improved Vignette filter! The latest rendition of this highly-useful feature includes on-canvas controls that allow you to live edit the gradient directly on your image. It is highly customizable and can produce some incredible results.

21. How to Create a Circle in GIMP

Next up on this list is a simple yet effective tutorial showing you how to draw circles in GIMP. The method shown in this tutorial is extremely easy and beginner-friendly, and produces perfect circles every time!

20. How to Export a Single Layer From GIMP

Just squeaking into this list at spot number 20 is this tutorial showing you how to export a single layer as its own image, from a composition that has many layers. This is a great way to isolate individual layers and export them to use in other images or compositions.

19. Create Better Neon Text with GIMP

Next on this list of the BEST GIMP Tutorials of 2022 is my typography and photo manipulation tutorial showing you how to create realistic neon text using GIMP. I show you how to make your text glow like a neon light, and also show you how to make your text emulate neon tubes. Finally, I show you how to have the light from your text interact with a brick wall behind it.

18. New CMYK Features in GIMP 2.99.12 Explained

In this special-edition tutorial, I cover the brand new CMYK features that were introduced in GIMP 2.99.12 – the development version of GIMP. CMYK support is a highly-requested feature for GIMP as it’s used in professional printing over RGB color spaces. You can also check out my tutorial covering ALL the new features released in GIMP 2.99.12 on DMD Premium.

17. Transform Photo Backgrounds Into Seamless repeating Patterns with GIMP

In this GIMP photo manipulation tutorial, I show you a cool trick for taking the background of a photo and turning it into a seamless repeating background. This is a great technique to extend photo backgrounds for social media sites like Instagram, or to simply replace your backgrounds with more interesting compositions. I use the free Resynthesizer plugin for this tutorial.

16. How to Simplify Paths in GIMP

Next up on this list is my tutorial showing you how to simplify paths in GIMP using a free plugin called “Simplify.” This is useful when you create complex paths that have too many nodes and need to reduce the nodes. By reducing the number of nodes on your path, you often get a smoother path!

15. Create Tapered Strokes with a Mouse in GIMP

Number 15 on this list is a GIMP tutorial showing you how to create artistic, tapered strokes using a mouse (no Wacom or other drawing tablet required!). I show you a really easy technique using the Paths tool and some tool settings to achieve this great result.

14. GIMP Unified Transform Tool vs. Photoshop Free Transform Tool

Coming up next on this list is a comparison video between GIMP’s Unified Transform Tool and Photoshop’s Free Transform Tool. Both tools accomplish the same thing – allowing you to transform your image or active layer in a variety of ways. However, one tool is simply better than the other, in my opinion. Find out which one that is in this video!

13. 10 Things That Annoy GIMP Beginners (And How to Fix Them)

In this video, I cover the 10 things that absolutely drive beginners CRAZY when starting out with GIMP. Items in this list include things people ask me about all the time or simply things I’ve experience over the years using the program that I know beginners will be confused by. But fret not! I show you how to solve each and every one of these annoyances so you can enjoy editing photos or creating designs in GIMP!

12. Insanely Simple 3D Text with a Highlight in GIMP

One of GIMP’s strengths is its ability to easily create 3D text using shadows. In this tutorial, I show you how to use the Long Shadow Filter, Drop Shadow Filter, and some highlighting techniques to easily create 3D text.

11. How to Create Wavy Text in GIMP | Beginner TExt Effects

The grooviest GIMP tutorial of 2022 is definitely this typography tutorial showing you how to create that 60’s or 70’s style wavy text effect. I also show you how to create outlined text to add dynamic styling to this composition. This is a very easy, beginner-friendly effect that everyone will love!

10. How to Stroke Shapes in GIMP

The first tutorial breaking into the Top 10 for GIMP Tutorials in 2022 is this tutorial showing you how to add strokes to shapes in GIMP. Though drawing and stroking shapes in GIMP may be a little quirky compared to other software, it’s really easy once you learn the proper way to do it and can create some nice results.

9. Powerful Tip to Brighten ONLY the Subject in Your Photos with GIMP

Number 9 on this list is a popular tutorial made by Davies Media Design showing you how to isolate and brighten the subject in your photo. This GIMP photo manipulation technique is perfect when you need your subject to stand out from the rest of your background. It’s also perfect when you simply want to edit JUST the subject of your photo.

8. How to Download and Install Plugins for GIMP (Windows)

In this GIMP tutorial, I show you how simple it is to download and install a plugin on a Windows computer. Plugins help extend the functionality of GIMP by introducing new features not found in the default download of the program. There are lots of great, free plugins out there – so this tutorial should come in handy for many GIMP users!

7. Create Stunning Geometric Line Art with This Powerful GIMP Tool

In this GIMP graphic design tutorial, I show you how to draw various polygons in GIMP, then apply a filter that creates some stunning illusions and effects! This video tutorial showcases the Recursive Transform Filter, which is a built-in feature that comes standard with GIMP.

6. GIMP Content Aware Scale Plugin Extends Photos Seamlessly

Have you ever needed to extend one side of your photo to fit more content into your graphics (like text)? Or perhaps you simply think the composition would look better with more space on either side of your image? In this tutorial, I show you a handy feature that is similar to Photoshop’s Content Aware Scale feature. This is a spotlight on the Seamcarve feature inside the free G’MIC plugin.

5. The Secret to Placing Anything in 3D Perspective in GIMP

Breaking into the Top 5 GIMP Tutorials of 2022 is my photo manipulation tutorial show you a versatile trick for perfectly placing anything in perspective in your photos. This is much better than simply using the Perspective Tool as you get a much more accurate result with less work. You can place anything from objects to text in perfect perspective every time using the techniques discussed in this GIMP tutorial!

4. How to Add Someone to a Photo in GIMP

Ever have a friend or family member missing from one of your favorite group photos? Well, now you can add them in using this GIMP tutorial from Davies Media Design! I show you how to copy a person from one photo and place them in another photo using various tools and photo adjustment features.

3. How to Easily Create Curved Text in GIMP | GIMP Basics Tutorial

Making the Top 3 GIMP Tutorials of 2022 is this GIMP Basics tutorial showing you how to place text on a curve! This is a common technique designers use to make dynamic text that flows along a path or curve. Creating curved text in GIMP is easy and looks great!

2. Download and Install GIMP Resynthesizer Plugin for Windows 2022

The number 2 GIMP tutorial of 2022 is this video showing you how to install the very popular Resynthesizer plugin for GIMP! This plugin allows you to intelligently remove objects from photos, much like Photoshop’s Content Aware Fill feature. It also comes with some other features, like intelligently filling in selections or transparency in your image, or creating seamless patterns. See why everyone loves this free GIMP plugin!

1. 9 Best GIMP Plugins and Add-ons for 2022

The top tutorial of 2022 is my video showcasing the 9 Best Plugins and Add-ons for GIMP in 2022! Check out all the plugins I think are the best to add to GIMP to help make this free photo editor and graphic design app more powerful and user-friendly. There’s a reason this video is so popular – you can’t live without these plugins if you’re using GIMP!