We’re halfway through 2021, and you know what that means! It’s time for the start of my “Best Tutorials of 2021” list to showcase the most popular GIMP tutorials from the Davies Media Design YouTube channel through the first half of the year. From photo editor comparisons to photo manipulations, text tutorials to designing compositions for popular social media platforms, the tutorials listed below cover a wide range of topics that help you use GIMP for practical, every day uses for all types of projects.

10. Create a Seamless Instagram Carousel in GIMP | Free Software

In the first tutorial on this list, I show you how to take a single image, crop it to the recommended dimensions for a three image Instagram carousel, seamlessly add graphics across those three photos, then export the photos out of GIMP to upload to the web. I also show you how to send yourself the photos from your computer to the phone, and finally how to upload the photos to your Instagram using your phone. I’ll walk you through the whole process – from start to finish – using only GIMP, the free photo editor!

9. GIMP 2021 Preview and GIMP 2020 Recap

At the start of 2021 (and end of the crazy year that was 2020) I released this video recapping what happened in the world of Free and Open Source Software over the past year and predicting what I thought we could reasonably expect in 2021. My predictions are notorious for being wildly off, but it’s always worth giving it a shot.

8. How to Create Cubic Typography in GIMP | GIMP Text Effect Tutorial

Coming in at number 8 on this list is my tutorial showing you how to bend text around a 3D cube or around a corner. I walk you step-by-step through the process of mapping your text to the 3D shape, plus show you how to shade the text so that it matches realistic 3D lighting and perspective. If you’re a DMD Premium Member you can access the easy-to-use Cube Generator template that helps drastically speed up your cube mapping time and help you get great results every time.

7. Wrap Text Around a Cylinder in GIMP | 3D Typography

GIMP is capable of producing some mind-blowing 3D text effects. In this tutorial, I show you how to wrap text around a 3D cylinder using any font and any color. You can create a seamless text wrap around the cylinder, or simply bend a single or multiple lines of text around the shape. This is a beginner-friendly text tutorial.

6. How to Create a Halftone Effect in GIMP

Next up on this list is a GIMP tutorial that shows you how to easily recreate the “halftone” effect found in cartoons or newspaper photos. This is one of my favorite effects as it uses a GEGL filter and allows you to convert colors and shading in your image to dots, lines, diamonds and more. There are lots of possibilities with this popular filter in GIMP (in fact, I named it one of my Top 10 Filters in GIMP in another video).

5. How to Design a YouTube Thumbnail in GIMP

Breaking the top 5 for 2021 is an updated tutorial on how to design a YouTube thumbnail using GIMP! I covered this subject in a tutorial a few years ago, but design trends have since changed and GIMP’s capabilities have drastically improved. So, I though it only befitting to give this popular topic a reboot using modern techniques and the latest GIMP version!

4. Quickly Change Colors in a Photo with This Amazing GIMP Tool

Have you ever wanted to shift a color or set of colors in GIMP without having to painstakingly select every instance of the color your want to change? This tutorial solves that problem using a simple built-in tool that allows you to change a color or color range based on a selection you determine. This is an extremely easy and effective way to shift colors in photographs with free software.

3. GIMP vs Affinity Photo: Comparing Top Photoshop Alternatives

It’s top 3 time! This tutorial covers an in-depth comparison between GIMP and Affinity Photo – both top photo editing software and the best alternative photo editors to Photoshop. Can GIMP keep up with Affinity Photo, a premium product? Find out as I cover the strengths and weaknesses of each program, what makes each program unique, and who I think should use each program based on experience and needs. If you’re a photographer or graphic designer, you need to watch this!

2. What’s New in GIMP 2.10.24

In late March of 2021, the GIMP team released their first new stable-release version of the year – GIMP 2.10.24. In this tutorial, I cover all the new features found in this latest version including a new snap to guides feature, the “Negative Darkroom” filter, file format updates, and a new MAC update.

1. GIMP vs Krita: Is Krita the Better Free Photo Editor?

My most popular tutorial of 2021 so far is a direct comparison between two free photo editors: GIMP and Krita. Though Krita is not a dedicated photo editor, it does have plenty of high-quality photo editing features that are starting to make noise in the Free and Open Source Software world. Are Krita’s “Adjustment Layers” legit? Do its filters perform as well as GIMP’s? Is Krita good enough to replace GIMP as a full time photo editor? Find out in this tutorial!

That’s it for my Best GIMP Tutorials of 2021! Don’t forget to check out all my GIMP video tutorials or GIMP help articles, or get more content by becoming a DMD Premium Member.

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